C/ Application Benefits

Unveiling Customer Insights

Running the C/ Engine can bring a deeper knowledge of customer behavior by: advanced mining and analysis of behavioral and linguistics data, constant monitoring of customer behavior and emotions, and reporting being at the same time customer data agnostic.

As a result of using this compelling linguistic approach, a longer customer lifecycle is achieved.

The longer C/ is applied to a customer base, the more effective communication becomes. By monitoring behavioral patterns, targeting is refined, and engagement is personalized.

C/ Modular Architecture

Empowering Businesses with C/ Engine

C/ Solutions are highly adaptive and easily integrated into 3rd party solutions and services. By analyzing the Customers Behavioral and Linguistics patterns, the Platform is used with the same effectiveness for several Services, as is:


  • Mobile Auctions by constantly increasing the bidder’s activity as well as the total bidding amount
  • Online Stores where customers receive notifications for increasing store traffic, according to their spending behavior and language of preference
  • Reward Schemes that function complementary to large-scale Loyalty Promotions and maximize interaction, by applying the marketing language that works best for each Cluster
  • Social Media Marketing Promotions, where collected Customer Knowledge from deployment of C/ in SMS and IVR Channels can be transferred to other Communication Channels of preferenc

Plug n’ Play

An independent module that can be connected to several services


Learning & Re-Education

A learning machine, that constantly adjusts profiling customer clusters


Multi-Level Suggestion

Suggestions on linguistics variety based on customer’s emotional characteristics and lifestyle


Easy Integration

Easily adaptable to 3rd party provided software and able to work as a driver and complementary to an external application


Multi-Language Support

Text synthesizing for multiple customer segments, speaking different languages, is supported.

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